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"Wow, I was prepared to wait for this device to work but had NO IDEA it would be effective so quickly. I have Shelties, (lots of Shelties!) and barking had become a recreational activity for them in spite of my best efforts. I've been online and have tried all sorts of positive reinforcement methods specifically suggested for Shelties and all I succeeded in accomplishing was making them tubby with treats. Some people de-bark their Shelties and while I just couldn't bear the thought of this procedure I can certainly understand the motivation. The DSP is truly amazing. My dogs are completely happy, show no signs of distress when the unit is working and still bark when they really need to tell me something. Now my fabulous dogs are perfect! Thank you for an effective and humane device. I'm sure my neighbors are relieved as well!"

Wendy L. – Dundee, OR  (7/14/2009)

"Mahalo. The collars work and thank you. You can add my comments to your website. This is a fantastic product that doesn't harm your dogs and gives you piece in the neighborhood. I am pleased and will pass on your website to other people with barking doggies.  Kind regards,"

Mary & Kevin with our dogs Minnie and Mortie – Kailua, HI  (4/22/2009)

"After losing our wonderful 14 year old Chow Chow, my partner decided to pick up a real working dog for our hobby ranch. He decided on a Great Pyrenees, and found a local breeder. I must admit we did not do much research, and the bundle of cute soon grew into an adult dog, who, true to her nature, barks at any perceived threat to her sheep (squirrels, turkeys, deer, coyotes and other dogs, anything but people. After a complaint from an elderly neighbor, we desperately tried collars, which irritated her neck and frightened her. After a long night of internet research, I found your product, and decided to give it a try. While we work, our dog stays in our covered barn, which also has two outer runs, measuring a bit more than 25 x 25’. We placed the “bark box” on a central post, and it covers her entire area, and takes rechargeable batteries. We have lived in peace ever since. I nearly thought we would have to place our beloved Sunny with another more rural family, but the Dog Silencer Pro has cut her daytime barking to a minimum, and she is still a happy puppy when we get home. The customer service has been phenomenal, such a rarity nowadays. I can’t thank you enough for this wonderful product, and recommend it to anyone with a great dog with a problem bark. Here is Sunny’s photo… Thanks for everything,"

Susan W. – El Dorado, CA

"I can’t believe it worked!  It took a while, but the neighbor’s dog that barked at anything for sometimes hours in the middle of the night has all but stopped.  At first, I thought the dog may have died or been gotten rid of, but I’ve heard it occasionally and far less loudly.  Who cares?  I can deal with a little barking briefly.  You may have to go through a few 9v batteries, especially in the winter, but that's a small price for a good night’s sleep.
Thanks Good Life!  Former skeptic,"

Todd G. – SC  (6/28/2009)

"Thank you very much. I thank you for your EXCELLENT customer service. Everyone I spoke with and dealt with could not have been more helpful and patient. I really felt badly that the unit did not "do the trick" for my dog-who is a pup. I would definitely recommend your company and your product to friends and colleagues."

Francine S. – Kapaa, HI  (6/19/2009)

"Four long years of listening to my neighbor's border collie was making me consider all sorts of retaliation (especially after I called the owner - a lawyer - and finding out that NO, he did not give a darn that his dog was disrupting my sanity on a daily basis - but my annual bonfire sure bothered him!!). I thought about taping the dog's barking and playing it back on speakers, launching cat poop into his yard with a catapult, and then I searched on-line, found the DSP, checked other sites to see if it REALLY worked, and then, finally, bought it. The little bugger has learned that it hurts to bark now - but the neighbors on either side have to listen to him, so I'm sending them brochures and a little note, because it really works - and I would recommend this wonderful device to anyone who misses their peace and quiet...."

Anonymous – Finger Lakes, NY  (6/12/2009)

"Just wanted to let you know, the neighbor’s dog has been barking for 18 months. It was just a constant irritation. Writing letters, calls to animal control, nothing seemed to make it stop. I ordered your product, installed it, and turned it on. It worked instantly. The dog barks a few times when something sets him off, but that is it. 30 seconds max. My best guess is he is 125 ft away too. The unit is a little above him. I have never had to use the remote. He barks and sets it off himself. Problem solved. Thank You Very Much."

Jerry S. – La Grange, CA  (5/24/2009)

"Thank you! The [Dog-Off Pro] worked sooooooo well.... We have been dealing with dog barking for years now and this little thing stopped it instantly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We still cannot believe it!!!!!!!!!! Now all we need to do is pretend we have it on our hand and they run. Thanks."

Jayne H. – Fort Worth, TX  (6/8/2009)

"I am impressed by your product; when it arrived, I was very skeptical and had a plan B, in case I had to send it back to you before my 45 days. You won't get it back, NO WAY! I had immediate results on a large dog who barked constantly, day and night. Nothing has changed except my new Dog Silencer Pro, which I put into an old bird house for camouflage and protection of the product. It is about 50 or more feet away from the dog, once in a while the dog barks once, but instantly stops. Amazing! I have told my friends with barking neighbors' dogs about your product."

Lynn P. – Buckfield, ME  (6/5/2009)

"I would just like to say how wonderful your product is! And thank you, my neighbors no longer have to listen to my dog bark all day and it worked so quickly I was amazed. Money very well spent!"

Chelsea N. – Kersbrook, South Australia  (5/19/2009)

"What a relief! Just say no to annoying barking and get the Pro Silencer. Beats all other alternatives like arguing with the neighbor. Thank you very much For Good Life."

David R. – Golden Valley, AZ  (5/5/2009)

"We rec'd the Dog Silencer Pro yesterday and installed it because our neighbor has a very yappy Chihuahua that barks constantly. After months of frustration we bought this device and we are absolutely amazed it worked!! The dog is completely silent and it took all of 5 minutes to start working. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! My children can now play in our backyard without coming in and complaining about the neighbor's dog."

Jennifer B. – Ontario, Canada  (4/30/2009)

"Currently, I live in the small "sleepy" town of Gamboa, Panama. I'm at student at University of California-Davis, and I'm here working on my Ph.D. at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute. For the last year, I've lived on the noisiest street in this town. Being former military housing, our house has only screens. Just 20 feet outside of our bedroom windows are 3 of the most neurotic dogs on the street (out of no fewer than 8 other dogs, which bark incessantly and often attack passers-by).

Twelve hours ago, my Dog Silencer Pro arrived in the mail. Five minutes later, it was installed and set on the lowest microphone sensitivity. Six minutes later, the first bark occurred. Three seconds later, the barks fizzled. Every night for the last 8 months we've been here, we've awoken every 2 hours to the glorious sound of 20 minute long barking bouts from all three dogs. In this 12-hour period, the dogs would bark a minimum of 3-4 hours. Last night, with the help of the Dog Silencer Pro, the dogs barked for a grand total of 1 minute. And I have the data to illustrate this.

Your product has silenced nearly every dog on the street. I suspect I will hear many words of thanks from the other scientists on our block. Well done, well done, and thanks."

Patrick Kelley – Gamboa, Panama  (4/17/2009)

"My partner finally brought my Dog Silencer. It's just too good to be true. I went out, turn it on and the dogs did not just stop barking, but ran far away from my bedroom :-) I'm really impressed from the power of Dog Silencer. I was having before a Dazer II which is a very powerful toy, but Dog Silencer has much more power! Now, I'm really going to have a "Good Life" thanks to you! :-) "

Lyubo A. – Bulgaria  (4/1/2009)

"Just like all the others, I was skeptical. The "yippers" next door were absolutely taking over my yard and home with all their noise. I was being awakened early, and could not get to sleep. They were being let out at 1 a.m. sometimes!

When I received the unit, it took about 2 minutes to set up. I found a spot in the yard near them, but not conspicuous to the neighbors. After that, I did not hear anything. Nothing. No noise! Then next day, I thought the dogs were gone to their "hair" appointment or something, but did see them outside, playing quietly!

On the third day, I thought to give them some more training, so I sat on the patio. They spotted me and started right in. The older, mini poodle finally backed down. The Maltese kept going, but I could tell it was difficult! I expect within the week to be able to sit on my patio undisturbed. This is a great product! Thank you for inventing/developing it!"

Sue M. – Redford, MI  (3/27/2009)

"I received my Dog Silencer Pro on Monday this week. Today is Wednesday of the same week. I now have peace and quiet. The two dogs next door who have been driving my wife and myself crazy for the last 18months - are now quiet. Within 24 hours of switching on my Dog Silencer Pro unit. Their barking completely stopped. Thank you it was money well spent."

Paul C. – Walloon, Queensland, Australia  (3/4/2009)

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